Sensor Systems


Sensition highly integrated YUV + 3D sensor module and image
processing module are excellent base for integration

  • The smallest size for its performance in the world
  • USB2, USB3 and gigabit ethernet interface options compatible with machine vision industry standards
  • Time-of-flight module is Sunlight robust and provides distance measurements up to 10 meters with default configuration
  • YUV imager with raw image data and registration
  • Possible to configure for high framerate over 200fps or long distance with lower framerates
  • 3D point cloud data from the module
  • Eye safe
  • SDK for Linux, Windows, OSX
  • Follows GeniCam specification for simple machine vision and industrial integration
  • Drivers for Linux, Windows, OSX
  • Python interface for prototyping

Computation module

  • SDI video input and output
  • USB3 and GBit ethernet input and output


  • Integration and customization of 3D sensing systems, custom machine vision applications including classical and DNN-based solutions
  • Product development: industrial design, firmware development, hardware development, custom embedded systems, video processing


FIELDMAN Focus Assist Device

3D sensor is integrated within a custom detection
and tracking system that enables applications in difficult
environment: sunlight and long range